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2.4 Transformational Listening - pt. 1: Connecting people to well-being and life... An example.

What sort of listening/presence is most likely to touch folks in emotional distress, depression, and even considering suicide?

Here is one of my favorite examples of transformative listening/being present to folks in emotional pain. As you view it, notice how, despite Joey's history of trauma, Dr. Bettinger meets her as as she is in the moment, plays games with her, connecting in light ways -- and as she leaves, he tells her

"Everybody I've ever met has wonderful feelings like this inside them. They just get covered over by their thinking."

Dr.Bettinger tells Joey's story. Joey's story is in the first 22 minutes... the remaining 11 minutes reflect on the story - and starting at 30:35, briefly tell about a macho bus driver's transformation.

The goofiness and delight - the natural connection and genuine sharing - life enjoyed and received as a gift - in the moment... all of that trumps years of painful patterns & survival brain thinking that, now, has a giant crack in them - courtesy of life-in-the-moment (which, as you know, is the only time we actually get to be alive.)

Michael Neill studied with Dr. Bettinger and sums up transformative listening, counseling, or coaching by saying:

"Show up... and show up to what shows up." --
"There is a natural connection that exists between us - if we don't overthink it." --
"We are all naturally connected to the energy/wisdom behind life - if we don't overthink it"

This last quote is not exact - but summarizes something Michael talks about a lot.

For the sake of our friends, family, co-workers, and those we serve... We can learn how to do this!

I'll be sharing a lot more about receiving and offering transformative listening as we go along.

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