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2.3: Stepping off the Golden Gate Bridge… 3rd Thoughts… 4 Seconds to sense a Higher Power…

On the way down, there are lots of things a jumper/fortunate survivor might realize to pop them out of the Survival Brain that got them there. Here is my second category of insights.

Based in the universal sense that everyone I've known in my life has had (but maybe one or two - and even with them I heard things that sounded like...) there is something bigger, deeper, more alive than our "egos" which is behind our life -- and all life... The four seconds before impact is plenty of time to sense:

  • Something I've been overlooking is coming through. It's bigger, deeper, more alive, and truer than what I was focused on a few seconds ago.

  • If I survive, maybe that bigger, deeper, more alive foundation of life could nudge me into a new way of living in the midst of all the aspects of my life - especially the challenging parts.

  • "Hey, Higher Power/God/Spirit/Great Mystery/Whatever is behind all life etc.... I'd be up for your nudges and guidance for the rest of my life if I get a second change here."

  • These insights/experiences are not just something that shows up when everything is at stake! As a matter of fact, any time we find that our own hard work re ourselves (or others) is not making our problems better.. and we finally "give up" or "let go" realizing we really don't know how to make things better... we can find there is enough room for something really new and life-giving to come through. Something we really did not know about a minute before.. shows up as a helpful vision - or just a next "good enough" step that already feels like it's coming from a place of next life.

  • We will say a lot more about experiencing our connection to "Source" in an on-going way, as we go forward. That connection has everything to do with discovering "goals" and motivation that arise from an experience of us already being "OK" and not from a place of disconnection or desperation.

At any rate, since I first read Ken Baldwin's statement in 2003, I've often called it to mind. On multiple levels is clarifies things when I get into a depressive &/or anxiety-based tail-spin. it may not be something you want to write on a post-it note and put on your mirror, but it has helped me.

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