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Two Programs to take us from PTSD to Resilience & Sustainable High-Performance

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

This is for any of you who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma... that makes your life and/or your success at school, home or general life difficult.

Two programs to take us: From PTSD to Resilience & High-Performance.

If you've read enough already, click the

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This is Peter Buck.

Stress and even trauma seem common to almost all humans.

(But if you are one of those folks who lives with a largely peaceful mind, please give me a call... let's meet at Cafe 64 for lunch. I love to find out what contributes to an unstressed life.)

If your stress level is making you feel just awful please read on…

These programs are meant for you. If your stress level seems ordinary… Your stress is something you just push through on a daily basis… Something rooted in reality that nobody can really shake – and yet... if it were really possible to access a calm and clear mind – if you could flick a switch (as opposed to taking a substance etc.) and you could have a quieter mind... and still feel motivated to do the work you need to do… Would you be interested?

The programs below are for you too. The two programs on offer now: 1. The Integrative Restoration (iRest) Program for Healing PTSD. Designed by Richard Miller PhD. Researched with and approved by the U.S. Army (2006). This program is well named. It is actually capable of healing PTSD. Which means iRest is capable of reintegrating a survival brain on overdrive that is making ordinary life (work, relationships, sleep etc.) incredibly difficult and making our highest capacities and levels of performance feel desperately out of reach. As iRest restores the balance of the survival brain it simultaneously helps us access a calm mind and our highest capabilities. It was designed so soldiers could be reintegrated into civilian life feeling healed and themselves again… Or, should they wish to continue their military careers, they are, once again, capable of being confidently and satisfyingly redeployed.

The iRest program is pretty powerful stuff… For soldiers and the rest of us. - If you are interested, the core of the iRest Program consists of a set of recorded meditations. These will gladly be sent on request. 2. The Sustainable High-Performance Program. Based on the works of Michael Neill, and especially his video programs and book “Super Coach”. This program also supports our access to having a calm and clear mind and the great capacities that go with it. And it shows how we can have them regarding everything we need to do to have a job or career we want.

This includes: goal setting, decision-making, handling our feelings & emotional intelligence at work, being organized, time management, teamwork, effective communication, asking for what you need (and want) from those below you and above you. --- This is also about finding the life there is already at the job/level you already are in… while continuing to craft career you truly love... even crafting a career that expresses whatever your deepest values and heartfelt mission might be. (Some of those things may sound impossible to you right this minute. But when we start to get some space around the survival brain, there is a lot more to us than we thought.) I love these programs, I’ve seen them shift major things in people’s lives. If they are at all interesting to you, please get in touch with me. As noted above: The core of the iRest Program consists of a set of recorded meditations. These will gladly be sent on request. iRest and Sustainable High-Performance reinforce each other. So both programs will be explored, and made relevant to student concerns via 2 or 3 posts (with videos, audios, links, etc.) each week for the rest of the semester. I’m happy to work with people individually. Face to face meetings or Skype or Zoom meetings can be set up esp. for groups. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time and attention, Peter Buck

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