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From PTSD to High Performance 2.0: Review and What's Ahead

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

So far:

1.) We've introduced the "iRest Program for Healing PTSD". (Please contact me if you want the entire program)

2.) We've explored a way to calm the survival brain and access higher thinking throughout the day by using the "Rapid Resets" from the folks at Resources for Resilience™ :

3.) We've looked closely at our different states of mind such as: Overwhelmed, stressed, calm and clear, flow/grace, and seen:

  • They determine our experience of the challenging circumstances we face.

  • Stress and lack of resilience has directly to do with survival brain mistaking our thoughts for reality, but how do we really take advantage of knowing this?

  • Operating from a calmer, clearer mind is natural and more available to us than we ever believed, but what does it take to have more calmness and clarity?

All this put us at the doorstep of High-Performance that is truly sustainable and the core of Michael Neill's Super-Coach.

4.) In the on-going grind of this pandemic, we are at our wits end to find things that can really help us get through each day. Any helpful techniques will have to be really good... and Super Coach will have to stand up to the genuine burdens of Covid.


Going Forward:

This Blog will look at a variety of things that can help us get through each day... things like how to take high-stakes tests, meditation apps, etc.

Michael Neill’s Super Coach will be central to this Blog. We will be thoroughly exploring it from now (in the Fall Semester) through the Spring semester. Standing behind Super Coach is an understanding of how humans operate that has, for 45 years, been helping those with PTSD, people in poor and violent neighborhoods, folks who want to change a dysfunctional habit – or even an addiction, as well as helping ordinary people to go after what they want re jobs or careers or great dreams… all with minimal stress and growing access to their innate well-being. For these reasons, I invite you to dig into Super Coach with me.

Conversations with the SCC community will be central: I look forward to interviewing students and alumni of SCC… and various Faculty and Staff… and others beyond… who have been through real challenges and can point us toward our deepest resources and well-being.

Your responses, observations, requests, and questions will be welcome… and will help us find the best in each other. Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Respectfully, Peter Buck

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