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How to get the material - Super Coach

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Michael Neill’s “SuperCoach” book is designed to provide information, stories, and reflective questions to replicate, as much as possible, what he does in live coaching sessions. It is well designed self-coaching. - Its coaching potential should be even more effective as we consider it together through the emails I send out. - The book introduces what is generally called “Innate Health” (or “The Three Principles of Innate Health”) in the context of Success, Career Development, Productivity etc. It also displays Mr. Neill’s depth of experience and insight as he describes how his understanding re Motivation, Productivity, People Skills has changed over the 30 years he has been a Success Coach.

The Super Coach program is available in three ways:

  1. via the book: “SuperCoach: 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life” - the 2018 10th Anniversary Edition – (revised & updated). ($13 from Amazon, $10 Kindle, $11 Audiobook)

  2. via the audio book: This is the complete book and is read quite enjoyably by Michael Neill. – It is available through “Audible” which means: A) If you do not have an Audible account, you can get this audio book free, by signing up for a trial subscription with them. You can later opt out of the subscription, but keep the book. B) If you have an account already but have not gotten a “free book” deal… you can ask a friend with an account to send you the book for free. (I believe this will work.) C) But if you have to pay for it… It’s only $13 as opposed to some of our college text books that go for $200.

  3. via the online video program, "Super Coach Self-Coaching Program" ($100)

(The Book or Audio Book are the least expensive ways to get all of this material.)

*The following program is not the same as those above, but it is similar and a good bargain.*

  • An online video program that covers much of the same material in a shorter form. "Living from the Inside-Out". It can cost as little as $12 and has 12 modules (each with a 10 minute video, this is a total of 2 hours viewing time.)

Topics include:

1: The Inside-Out Experiment. 2: Ordinary Miracles. 3: You Were Born Happy.

4: Intelligence vs. Intellect. 5: Performance and Flow. 6: Creating Results.

7: The Path of the Soul. 8: Resilience and Stress. 9: A Return to Health.

10: Financially Fearless 11: The Joy of Relationships.

The Udemy site motivates people to buy a course right now by telling you that the low price of about $12 will only last for a few more hours. When that sale price does stop, if you scroll down a bit, often they will offer the course you are looking for combined with another one – together for $25. If you don’t like the price, check back in a few weeks. My suggestion, go ahead and get either Michael Neill’s or Chantal Burns’ (see below) courses when you first go to Udemy, for $12 or $25. That’s the price of a book – and you can access them for “life” or internet failure, whichever crashes first.

If you are looking for a 2nd Udemy course to buy, consider Chantal Burns’ “Say Goodbye to Stress: From Chaos to Clarity”. She uses the same Principles of Innate Health that Michael Neill does. --- 10 modules (each with a 6 minute video). 1 hour total viewing time. - Chantal Burns’ has been a consultant to businesses and presents her material in a way that makes sense in a work setting – as well as in personal life.

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