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1.7: Tapping Points to Relieve PTSD and Stress

Our seventh meeting: An acupressure protocol that has helped veterans with PTSD.

I was talking with a student today who asked for links to techniques that are calming and brain balancing and that have helped folks with PTSD and stress... so here they are.

The Emotional Freedom Technique takes about 10 minutes to learn, but once you get it... you can do it all in 2 minutes, and parts of it in less than 1 minute.

See what it does for you.

Once you learn it you can share it with your kids as a sort of challenge. While tapping on your own points ask "Can you do this?... Now let's take a deep breath or two... Tapping at the top of the head - breathing... Now, Tapping where the eyebrows meet the very top of the nose - breathing... Now, Tapping on the bone near the side of the eyes - breathing... etc."

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Intro: This Acupressure protocol has helped veterans with PTSD and a lot of folks with anxiety. This intro will give you a context to get the most from it.


I use it daily when I start getting stuck or reactive and in the middle of the night when I wake and want to get back to sleep.

EFT Short Form: The short form includes the “set-up phrase”, points around the head and face, the Governing and Central Meridians, and points on the upper chest and sides. Once you learn it, you can do it in a minute. But you may relax more if you take a couple of deep breaths while tapping each point.

EFT on the hands: Tapping near the fingernails on each finger accesses 5 more meridians. You can also do this by holding a finger out and wrapping the other hand around it - and taking a couple of deep breaths. - This is relaxing and can be done in public without attracting attention.

EFT right & left brain balancing: Also called the "9 Gamut Procedure". I've added back in a couple of things that were in the original design. - We can get over-focused and a bit overwhelmed when we have a lot to do. This little procedure helps balance brain function and takes the edge off challenging things.

May we do what we can for those in our care - and together find life in more and more moments of each day.

yrs, Peter Buck

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