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The Integrative Restoration (iRest) Program for Healing PTSD

Designed by Richard Miller PhD. 

Researched with and approved by the U.S. Army (2006).    

This program is well named. It is actually capable of healing PTSD.  Which means iRest is capable of reintegrating a survival brain on overdrive that is making ordinary life (work, relationships, sleep etc.) incredibly difficult and making our highest capacities and levels of performance feel desperately out of reach.   

As iRest restores the balance of the survival brain it simultaneously helps us access a calm mind and our highest capabilities.  It was designed so soldiers could be reintegrated into civilian life feeling healed and themselves again… Or, should they wish to continue their military careers, they are, once again, capable of being confidently and satisfyingly redeployed.  

The iRest program is pretty powerful stuff… For soldiers and the rest of us.   

If you are interested, the core of the iRest Program consists of a set of recorded meditations. Please contact me for the material.

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