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WELCOME to Innate Health in WNC

Just so you know, this site intended for folks that already know me in some way and who may have some interest in what I'm up to with this Innate Health stuff in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 

So, who's invited:  

    Folks who know me from the years I worked at Southwestern Community College in Western North Carolina , Folks in the 3 Principles of Innate Health community,  InterPlayers, Quakers (especially those in SAYMA, NCYM(C), and PFFYM),   friends from Sojourners ,  friends from my days with the Pecos Benedictine Monastery, friends from a dozen Christian denominations and other religious and spiritual traditions: Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Agnostics, and an Atheist or two,  friends from St. John's College in Annapolis & Santa Fe,  friends from mid-coast Maine (esp. GVHS),  friends from DC...   practitioners I've met over the years: Counselors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Naturopathic Physicians, Yoga Instructors, and marvelous folks I've met in grocery stores or forests or seashores etc. who have become friends.  ---  All the folks who have touched me and/or helpfully irritated me over the course of my life.

What are you being invited to? 

    I have just rebooted this Blog (June 2022)... please look at the first new post for the  answers to:  What's with this 3 Principles of Innate Health thing? Will it involve investment in a time share? A secret handshake? Will it make me fatuous, extroverted, or self-contentedly doctrinaire?...  (It's linked at the bottom of the page for ease, or within the blog page.)

      Slightly more seriously...  I think the 3 Principles of Innate Health are the Cat's Pajamas.  Our world is in great need of Cat's Pajamas. 

      I've been exploring Innate Health since 2004.   It's time for me to come out in an on-line sort of way to all the people, groups and organizations I care for, have worked with, have played with, have worshiped with, and that I have gotten life from. 

       And, with trepidation, curiosity, wonder, and a readiness to guffaw at my own manifest foolishness... I look forward to being sparked and challenged by you... and to having the blessing of your company along the way.      PB

Original Blog Versions... that will gradually be viewable:  This Website was originally intended to be the public-facing fraternal twin of a several sets of emails and blog I produced from 2017 till June of 2021 for the students (and supportive faculty and staff) at Southwestern Community College in Sylva, NC.   There, until retiring at the end of June 2021, I was, among other things, the College Counselor.  That blog was called "From PTSD to Sustainable High-Performance"... 

           I will soon let you all see some of what I was doing as I stumblingly presenced Innate Health there. Where I started from in terms of grounding and understanding.   Where I was heading as retirement loomed.  And where I am still being led.  

​A note about being in Western North Carolina:  Because I have felt happily called to serve and be in conversation with folks in Western NC for more than 20 years... and because that call has not abated - I will ever seek to speak in ways that folks in this part of Appalachia find respectful, welcoming, and useful.  For good or ill I have more than 300 years of family history is this area.  Other folks who share Innate Health in other contexts (e.g. Businesses, Cities, etc.) share in ways helpful there, and I am glad of it.  ---  At SCC I used Innate Health for 17 years to help folks in difficult situations to realize that life-giving experiences they were already familiar with could provide doorways to deeper life. Familiar experiences included: being in nature; being in service to others;  healing experiences of God's presence; life-changing guidance coming from the Holy Spirit; and more.  ---  I have found that Innate Health can make those experience more available, even in times of real challenge.  For myself and many I have shared with, we have started to "abide" more and more in the deepest gift of our faith and walk with God.   ---  At any rate, I hope I may continue to speak in ways useful to folks in WNC even as I reach out to a life-times worth of friends and colleagues.


Welcome again to you all,   Peter Buck

Forest Road
Watercolor Shape


This will eventually be filled out with a brilliant summary of what all this is about...   PB



More stellar copy will be put here over time.


May this be an adventure of discovering how humans are actually designed to be alive in the midst of all the circumstances of our lives. To the degree we are engaged in such exploration and discovery, we will all be students together - doing that daring thing of learning the most important things in front of each other.


I'll put in a statement of maintaining a safe and supportive enough environment as folks visiting this site start to interact with each other in the forum etc... 

A Supportive Therapist


Get in touch to learn more, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.

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